Sunday, May 20, 2018

Welcome to Term Two

Strike Performance
What a great time we all had at the Strike Performance. Thanks to the PTA for enabling all of us to attend. 

Rimu Team Cross County
Room 12 are to be congratulated for being fantastic participators in the Rimu Team Cross Country. Your support for each other was amazing! Fantastic effort Room 12.

Grand Parent Day
Room 12 children invited their grandparents to come play with the toys they have made. It was a lovely afternoon, full of fun and family!

Room 12 making their toys...

Room 12 at Te Manawa toy exhibition.

In Room 12 we are having a lot of fun with our inquiry learning about toys! The children have brought in their favourite toys and shared why they are so important to them.

The Room 12 children have also been very busy making their own toys. We have made ball catchers, Tic Tac Toe and Foosball games. 

Autumn Poetry and Art

With the changing season the Room 12 children were inspired to write some beautiful Autumn Haiku poems and painting berch trees with Autumnal colours. 

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