Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Room 12 Maths

In Room 12 we enjoy being in charge of our own learning and to extend our own thinking. We also like to be successful with our learning! In maths we are allowed to think for ourselves and set our own learning challenges, especially when learning about numbers.

We also like exploring probability and the chances of something happening.

We also like to use paper in all sorts of creative ways. Kimi taught us how to make origami rabbits and we also learned how to make paper fish.

Rimu Team Fun Camp! 
Room 12 really enjoyed the Rimu Team camp activities, such as swimming at the Lido, discovery learning, a scavenger hunt, art and so much more. We even made our own lunch. Yum! A big thank you to all the parents who came and helped us.

Room 12 Science
It all started with the poem; "A is for apple", which was all about how to keep our cut apples from going brown. We used water, vinegar and lemon juice to see which liquid was the most effective. We found out that lemon juice works the best!

This led to a discussion about whether vinegar was acidic. We used red cabbage juice to find out which liquids are acidic or alkaline based. 

Roo 12 also discovered that if you mix acidic and alkaline based liquids you get a reaction (carbon dioxide) between them. We made a lava lamp to show what some of these reactions can look like. 

Room 12 also discovered that if you harness the energy (carbon dioxide) you can use it to inflate balloons.

Did you know that you can also use yeast, warm water and sugar to inflate a balloon? The yeast uses the warm water and sugar as a source of energy in order to create carbon dioxide.

But what we enjoyed the most is making rockets powered on carbon dioxide. What a blast we had!

In Room 12 we enjoy writing about the natural world around us. We wrote about Mrs Hanly's big fat black cat meowing at the full moon.

In Room 12 we like little creatures like insects and spiders. Check out the great poetry we wrote about spiders.

Room 12 children are very Art Smart, and we like to experiment using different media.

Do you like our self portraits?

We also like to explore using paints.

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